Monday, March 24, 2014

Another Trip in Kiki

 We were so excited to have some time to take another trip in Kiki. Our plan was to leave Galveston and head east and circle the state of Florida ~ down the west coast and up the east and then back home. Well, we didn't make our circle but had a great time anyway that I wanted to share with you.
The weather was forcasting rain for the week and we just didn't want to 'sit' in Kiki. So...
 We left Galveston on March 17th, St. Patty's Day and took the Bolivar ferry across the gulf and in a few miles we were in Louisiana. This is where we stayed. It looks warm but it was rather cold. I didn't even get a snap of Kiki hooked up at our site.
 It was a lovely park complete with this little modest plantation. I didn't know anything about Mr. Poche' but when we got home I looked him up and he was from a fairly wealthy family of planters, became an attorney and joined the War Between the States as a Captain. The neat thing was he kept a diary the entire time he was in the service. After a short while he changed writing from English to French in case he was captured thinking the enemy wouldn't be able to read it. The diary has been preserved and translated and is almost in pristine condition after all of these years. We were on a mission or we might just have toured the plantation. It sure is cute in all of it's pinkness! :)
 These are some of the yard art around the grounds and the lovely fountain.
 This was the guest house which had a living room and a huge TV that was running day and night. There was a little library, dining room, large kitchen and baths and showers. Now I must tell you, we can shower and do all of the necessary things in Kiki, but if the shower facilities are nice at the campgrounds where we stay, we just use them. I'll tell you a little story. I just cannot wash my hair in the shower. Nope, never could. I can't swim so I think getting the water in my ears and yes, even up my nose, I just panic. So I always wash my hair in the bathroom sink. The morning after our stay here, I wanted to wash my hair so we went over to this guest house. There were folks in both bathrooms and I waited and I waited. I didn't want to wait any more so I took my little towel and shampoo and went to the kitchen sink and washed my hair! Yes, I did and I was a happy camper then! You do what you need to do folks. :)
 There were the sweetest little buildings in a rainbow of colors all around the grounds.
 Nope, I did not use this facility! :)
Spring blooms were beginning to open up and I believe that pretty red one is a camellia?  
This was a nice park, very quiet and the paved spaces were very nice with water, electricity, sewer and wifi that actually worked! Some campgrounds say they have free wifi but most of the connections are just not strong enough to allow you to get online.
We paid about $30 something dollars for the night. I can't remember. One thing I did before we left on our trip was I cooked up some food to take with us. I had made a roast with veggies and divided it up into two meals and we really did enjoy it. I don't have an oven in Kiki but I have a microwave and cooktop so I just heated up the roast and we ate well. 

Well, that was the first night of our trip. If you'd like to continue with me on our little trip, just go to the next post after this one.

Happy trails,
Shelia :)


  1. Hi Shelia, I sure enjoyed seeing your wonderful photos of your travels in Kiki. You sure saw a lot of sights but I think the Florida beaches were the nicest to see. I'm glad you had a fun time and got back home safely. Have a good week!

  2. cool trip.....
    We have a little snow still on the ground....

  3. Oh, how I wish you had looked us up in Florida! I would have loved to meet you for dinner. Next time!



  4. What a great campground! Looks like you had fun!! Can't wait to read more!

  5. Looks like you had a nice little old town around you with those beautiful building.

  6. What a pretty place! Love the colorful buildings!

  7. Love all the pictures! OUTHOUSE too cute! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. WOW what a beautiful place to stay. I love your hair washing story. Do you know my mom was the same way. What a wonderful trip.
    Going on to the next part~~

  9. What fun! I love the pretty houses and outhouse. You are too cute Grace xoox

  10. Looks like fun Shelia! I hope you are keeping a log. I never did, but wish I would have. I'm terrible about that stuff, but now that I'm older I'm thinking back that it would have been wise- oh well! Anyway, the park you stayed at looks very nice and well kept. That's interesting about you and washing your hair- my Mom hates showers. She only takes baths and always got her hair done at the salon. Well you two are becoming real RV'rs!!

  11. So lovely to get to read about your travels Sheila, glad that you had a good time. xx

  12. What a great colorful place. I love your idea of cooking food before leaving home and taking it with you to just microwave. Good idea.

  13. I think I followed your trip backwards but it was fun anyway. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

  14. That looks like a spectacular place to stay!

  15. What fun and colorful houses - sounds like such a fun trip!!


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