Monday, March 24, 2014

2nd Day of Our Trip

I'm glad you've decided to come along with me on our second day. We just had to drive through New Orleans! We hadn't intended to stay but we had to drive around a bit. We love NOLA but it had been a few years since we'd been here.
 If you follow me on Facebook, you've seen this snap of Kiki at the French market.
 We were so honored to know the city had put up special banners just for us! :)
 Love seeing all of these wonderful streets! Even found one named for my little grandson. :)
 I hadn't been in NOLA since a couple of years after Katrina and was so glad to see the street car up and moving.
Does that look like a thin sheet of ice on Bourbon Street to you? Well, it was a soapy cleanser - after all it was the day after St. Patty's Day!
 Washy washy.
 Just sit back and see the sights with me.
 Such a unique and historical place. One time we took a haunted night time tour and it was great! Not so spooky but filled with lots of historical facts. Boooooooooooo...
 In the center of Jackson Square in the French Quarter is the St. Louis Cathedral.
Does that look like a mule to you? Yep, I believe that's a mule pulling the carriage! He matches the cathedral too. 
 Hope you've enjoyed our little drive through the city of New Orleans.

As we drove down Highway 98 out of New Orleans, I snapped a picture of this cemetery. Very unusual as all of the graves are above ground. I've seen lots of spooky movies with scenes filmed in these graveyards.
Another snap...this RV park! When we were returning home we called and thought it would be so nice to stay here and then we could just ride our bikes over to the French Quarter. Didn't work out - it was full! Next time we'll make reservations.

If you want to continue along with my trip...just scroll on down to the next post.

Happy trails,


  1. I have always wanted to visit NO. Thanks for the photos.

  2. That was fabulous Shelia, so many gorgeous buildings and fascinating history! I think pre-cooking for a few days away is a very clever idea! and it saves messing up Kiki too much.
    Darling girl, you must learn to wash your hair in the shower, it will save you so much trouble! (I used to do mine over the laundry tub until I learnt.)
    Happy travels!

  3. Your pictures capture the spirit of NOLA perfectly. Thanks for blowing the horn and waving my way! xo

  4. I love NOLA~ lived there for several years and I'm ready for a trip back to visit!! Great little tour and love the CAMP street sign.

  5. Beautiful scenery! Love the homes...the Cathedral and horse-drawn carriages.

  6. Your pics are wonderful!! I love the homes and the variety all around. The horse really does go right with the look at the top of the Cathedral. Looks like you had lots of fun here.

  7. Oh, now you've really done it! I am SO ready to jump in our pickup with the trailer behind and head that direction. I want to see it for myself! Thank you for sharing and for inspiring me to look forward to the time we can do that. What beautiful photos of a place filled with so much intrigue and history.


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