Monday, March 24, 2014

Another Trip in Kiki

 We were so excited to have some time to take another trip in Kiki. Our plan was to leave Galveston and head east and circle the state of Florida ~ down the west coast and up the east and then back home. Well, we didn't make our circle but had a great time anyway that I wanted to share with you.
The weather was forcasting rain for the week and we just didn't want to 'sit' in Kiki. So...
 We left Galveston on March 17th, St. Patty's Day and took the Bolivar ferry across the gulf and in a few miles we were in Louisiana. This is where we stayed. It looks warm but it was rather cold. I didn't even get a snap of Kiki hooked up at our site.
 It was a lovely park complete with this little modest plantation. I didn't know anything about Mr. Poche' but when we got home I looked him up and he was from a fairly wealthy family of planters, became an attorney and joined the War Between the States as a Captain. The neat thing was he kept a diary the entire time he was in the service. After a short while he changed writing from English to French in case he was captured thinking the enemy wouldn't be able to read it. The diary has been preserved and translated and is almost in pristine condition after all of these years. We were on a mission or we might just have toured the plantation. It sure is cute in all of it's pinkness! :)
 These are some of the yard art around the grounds and the lovely fountain.
 This was the guest house which had a living room and a huge TV that was running day and night. There was a little library, dining room, large kitchen and baths and showers. Now I must tell you, we can shower and do all of the necessary things in Kiki, but if the shower facilities are nice at the campgrounds where we stay, we just use them. I'll tell you a little story. I just cannot wash my hair in the shower. Nope, never could. I can't swim so I think getting the water in my ears and yes, even up my nose, I just panic. So I always wash my hair in the bathroom sink. The morning after our stay here, I wanted to wash my hair so we went over to this guest house. There were folks in both bathrooms and I waited and I waited. I didn't want to wait any more so I took my little towel and shampoo and went to the kitchen sink and washed my hair! Yes, I did and I was a happy camper then! You do what you need to do folks. :)
 There were the sweetest little buildings in a rainbow of colors all around the grounds.
 Nope, I did not use this facility! :)
Spring blooms were beginning to open up and I believe that pretty red one is a camellia?  
This was a nice park, very quiet and the paved spaces were very nice with water, electricity, sewer and wifi that actually worked! Some campgrounds say they have free wifi but most of the connections are just not strong enough to allow you to get online.
We paid about $30 something dollars for the night. I can't remember. One thing I did before we left on our trip was I cooked up some food to take with us. I had made a roast with veggies and divided it up into two meals and we really did enjoy it. I don't have an oven in Kiki but I have a microwave and cooktop so I just heated up the roast and we ate well. 

Well, that was the first night of our trip. If you'd like to continue with me on our little trip, just go to the next post after this one.

Happy trails,
Shelia :)

2nd Day of Our Trip

I'm glad you've decided to come along with me on our second day. We just had to drive through New Orleans! We hadn't intended to stay but we had to drive around a bit. We love NOLA but it had been a few years since we'd been here.
 If you follow me on Facebook, you've seen this snap of Kiki at the French market.
 We were so honored to know the city had put up special banners just for us! :)
 Love seeing all of these wonderful streets! Even found one named for my little grandson. :)
 I hadn't been in NOLA since a couple of years after Katrina and was so glad to see the street car up and moving.
Does that look like a thin sheet of ice on Bourbon Street to you? Well, it was a soapy cleanser - after all it was the day after St. Patty's Day!
 Washy washy.
 Just sit back and see the sights with me.
 Such a unique and historical place. One time we took a haunted night time tour and it was great! Not so spooky but filled with lots of historical facts. Boooooooooooo...
 In the center of Jackson Square in the French Quarter is the St. Louis Cathedral.
Does that look like a mule to you? Yep, I believe that's a mule pulling the carriage! He matches the cathedral too. 
 Hope you've enjoyed our little drive through the city of New Orleans.

As we drove down Highway 98 out of New Orleans, I snapped a picture of this cemetery. Very unusual as all of the graves are above ground. I've seen lots of spooky movies with scenes filmed in these graveyards.
Another snap...this RV park! When we were returning home we called and thought it would be so nice to stay here and then we could just ride our bikes over to the French Quarter. Didn't work out - it was full! Next time we'll make reservations.

If you want to continue along with my trip...just scroll on down to the next post.

Happy trails,

Driving Through Mississippi

Thanks for continuing to come along with me on our little trip kin Kiki. After leaving New Orleans we headed out on Hwy 90 to Biloxi, Mississippi. Remember the little ditty...
em eye crooked letter crooked letter eye crooked letter crooked letter eye humpback humpback eye?
My daddy taught me that! :)
Beaches and sand and the weather was getting so much warmer.
I'm happy and just enjoying our little trip.
This is not my snap but we have stayed many times here at the Beau Rivage hotel and casino. Such a lovely place. So as we drove by, we waved!

Then on down the road to the Shepherd State Park still in Mississippi and a few miles out of Pascagoula. This state park is nestled in the area of the Singing River area.
 As you can see, when you stay in a state park is doesn't cost much at all. We paid $18.
 Here was our site #9, it was level and had a little picnic table but it was a little too chilly to use it. There was lots of space between each site so it was pretty private.
 We were really enjoying riding our bikes at each park. We rode through the camp and it was quite full of tents, RVs and campers with only 3 empty spaces out of about 30.
 As you can see, we were surrounded by nature. I saw a sand hill crane but couldn't grab my camera fast enough to get his picture.
There was water out there past the foliage and I kept looking for alligators! There out there you know.

Now I always have a story. I had made some hot dogs and we were munching happily along with some chips and beans when someone knocked on Kiki's door. It was almost dark so it was a little scary. There was a young man standing there and was holding up a sign with the number 9 on it. He said he had made reservations and had prepaid online for this space and we were in his space! Well, George, my hubby, is the kindest man and he told the young man that he was so sorry had done everything he was supposed to while we were acquiring our space and it was a lot of trouble to have to unhook everything. When we pulled in there was no one in the office and the sign said to find your spot, put your money in the envelope provided and slide it into the slot. We did all of that. The young man had the number to the office and he called it, no one answered. There was a space right across from us and George asked him why didn't he just put his RV there and we would be leaving in the morning? Well, that's what he did. I felt a little sorry for him.

The State Park was quiet and needed some attention as it was a little run down. My biggest complaint about this place was whoever the manager was - he was not doing a good job. It should have been noted that the #9 space was reserved. I'm not sure we'd stay here again.

Okie dokie, if you want to continue with me just scroll down to the next post.

Happy trails,
Shelia :)

Heading To Florida

Continuing on with our trip in Kiki, we passed through Mobile, Alabama.

 Oh, I wanted to show you this cute snap of Kiki with all of the big rigs. The road side parks are so now these days. Well, they're not actually called that any more but visitor's centers. The staff are so helpful with free coffee, maps, brochures about the attractions near by. A nice place to get out and stretch your tiny legs.
 Okay, back to Alabama - this is the George Wallace tunnel we passed through.
 Yea! The light at the end of the tunnel!
 The sky was so beautiful with the sun's rays reaching down to earth.
We passed by the USS Alabama and George wanted to stop and tour her. I said no no no as we had done this so many years ago!! :)
 Then we were in Florida!
The sand looked like snow it was so very white and look at the water - gorgeous!
Then we arrived at our destination - Gulf Camp in Destin, Florida. A little pricey but oh my, it was just a wonderful place. At first we wanted to stay on the beach even if the sites cost $175 per night!
 The beach sites were full so we stayed at site #137 and it was wonderful! The only complaint was you just couldn't get on the internet. I guess that's not why you go rving, but when they advertise they have it, it would be nice if it worked. We paid $84, that's with tax, for the night and we liked this place so much, we stayed another night. As I said earlier, I had cooked some things at home to bring and we had stocked Kiki's little fridge with veggies, milk, eggs, condiments, fruit...just everything you would need to cook a meal. I rather enjoy cooking in Kiki. We couldn't stay in a nice hotel, eat at least two meals a day for $84.
We were escorted to our site by a staff member in a little gold cart. As you can see the site was nice and level with a picnic table and we had some greenery around us. Another little plus, the bathrooms and laundry were in a building right behind Kiki! The bathrooms were all individual and very clean. Sometimes the showers in rv campgrounds are like camp - just lined up together with a shower curtain for privacy. These bathrooms were private and behind closed doors. Like I said before, we can shower and all in Kiki, but if the facilities are nice at the campgrounds, we use them. Also, we were able to sleep with the windows open and just have the cool air coming in. I loved that!
 Let me hop on my hot pink bike and show you around the grounds of the park.
 This park was very full. I don't know how many sites were here but there were also some cute little cabins. The folks in this park were the friendliest we've ever encountered. We met many many Canadians who had come down to get away from the harsh winters only to encounter a harsh Florida winter with freezes and broken water pipes.
Here are some of the cute little cabins! 
 We were just a very short walk or ride to the beautiful white sandy beach.
Here are some of the rv sites right on the beach that cost $175! Well, after we were settled in, we decided we were better off in #137. Can you imagine all of the sand you'd track inside? But oh, the beach and water was just beautiful.
A nice lady offered to snap our picture.
We enjoyed having our bikes and rode them all around the campgrounds and to a nice outlet mall - huge - and I just about died when I went inside a Le Creuset shop! Every color you could imagine and gadgets and things I didn't even know Le Creuset made - even little pie birds. No, I didn't buy anything, we were on our bikes! But we did ride across the street to a very nice Winn Dixie and bought some bananas and ice cream. The ice cream didn't even melt on our short ride home!
George enjoying his coffee outside in the nice morning air or maybe this was after he ate his ice cream. :) We were going to continue on our trip around coastal Florida but the weather was predicting rain through the weekend and into next week. So, after our second night, we packed up and left beautiful Destin. Would we come back to this park? Absolutely!!
Hope you're enjoying coming along with me on my little trip. I have a little bit more to show you.
If you'd like to see it just scroll on down! :)

Happy trails,
Shelia :)