Monday, January 20, 2014

A Little Drive in Kiki

 Mr. Precious and I had plans to do a few things today and realized if was MLK day and places were closed that we needed to do business with so we thought, "What could we do today? We'll go get Kiki and take a little ride."
And that's just what we did.

 Here she is and she's just so pretty, isn't she?

 Well, we can't keep her at home because we don't have anywhere to park her.
So this is her home in this great storage facility.

 Her door is open and she's ready to come out into the sunshine.
We love our Mers (Mercedes). I drove an 1985 dark blue Mer for so many years that parts started flying off when I drove. A windshield wiper flew off one time and then a lady pulled up beside me on the highway and rolled her window down, it scared me a bit, but I rolled down the passenger side window and she screamed out, "Your headlight just flew off!" Oh, my Lord! Well, I loved that Mer and it had over 400,000 miles on it. It was a diesel and just kept on going and going and going...
well, I degress.
 Mr. Precious pulls out Kiki and I drive the other Mer into Kiki's house. We pull down the door, lock it and I hop into Kiki and off we go!
 We didn't go too far but made it to Kemah, Texas. You may have heard about the Kemah Boardwalk. It's a wonderful place and was built by the same bunch who built the Pleasure Pier in Galveston.
 The Kemah Boardwalk has a wonderful wooden roller coaster but you're not gettin' me on that killer!
 Rides and fun.
 It was getting time for din din so we headed to our favorite eatery in Kemah ~ T-Bone Tom's.
 We entered the back door. This place is a fun and bopping place in the summer with live bands.
We parked in the back parking lot so Kiki could breath and not stick out too much. 
She is cute, isn't she? :)
 T-Bone Tom's is such a cute down home place with all kinds of home cooked foods.
 The backs of all the chairs are advertisements for business around town.
Pretty cool, huh?
 Cute little painting on the wall. T-Bone Tom's used to be a meat market and turned into a restaurant.
 Mr. Precious was ready and waiting for his barbequed ribs. He says the ribs are the best he's ever had ~ so tender and tasty.

 Here I am talking my tiny face off with my stringy hair!

I almost forgot to take a picture of my catfish! It was so good I just dived right into it. Yumminess with coleslaw, hushpuppies and they even threw in some Texas Toast. The catfish is just so delicious.
If you're ever in little Kemah, Texas, pop into T-Bone Tom's. It's right on Texas 146.

 After a big ole glass of iced tea I needed to make a little stop into the lady's room. 
Why? Well, to take a Bathroom snap of course! :) Notice the stringy hair.
 We popped back into Kiki, cranked up the Serius radio and headed on back to the island.
 Uh oh!
Birds! Zillions of birds had taken up sitting on the wires right over the traffic lights! 
Where's that ole Alfred Hitchcock?

Keep on traveling,
Shelia ;)