Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Sleepover in Westfield, New York

Today was June 22, 2014 and we arrived at a KOA camp in Westfield, New York.
 This was the Woodsie Lake RV Park and we paid $40 for the night.
Cute cute!
The laundry and bathrooms.
Love these little guys telling us to go slow.
The office with wonderfully nice folks.
The views! Amazingly beautiful!
Kiki was all set up and sitting under a tree.
As I was touring the grounds, this little lost boat caught my eye.
It was time to take Chloe Dawn for a little stroll. We crossed over the little walkway and then we were in the woods.
Chloe Dawn was a little bit skeert! :)
We heard water and followed the sound and found a little waterfall.

It had been a long day of driving and I really didn't feel like cooking so we found this cute little place for dinner over looking Lake Erie.
After dinner we walked across the street to this lovely park to watch the sun set over Lake Erie.
And there goes the sun! What a lovely sight.
This was going to be another night to roll out the windows! 

From here we had planned to visit Niagara Falls but we changed our minds and headed to see our grandbabies!

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sugar Shack

On the road again and enjoying the scenery. I don't know if I told you or not, but we routed out trip so we would travel the backroads and not the interstates. This way we were able to see the countryside and go through little towns. We love to travel like this. It does take a little longer but it's worth it.
 Chloe Dawn was looking for a rest stop! :)
 A little snap of Kiki in the background in Erie, Pennsylvania.
Then we came upon fields and fields of vinyards and thought we'd stop and buy a bottle of wine for our daughter and son in law.
We pulled into the driveway of one vineyard that had a little store - The Sugar Shack and was located in Westfield, New York.
 Well, to our surprise they weren't growing grapes for wine but grapes for Welch's goodies.
The owner's were just delightful and we got to participate in a 'tasting' of every kind of fruit syrup you could imagine on a tiny spoonful of ice cream! Yummy! They grew all of the fruit themself and had the largest selection of homemade fruit syrups, jams, and butters you have ever seen. Then there were plenty of precious homemade things to buy. We learned this area grew and supplied concord grapes for the Welch food company! I love grapes and I love grape juice! Grape jam... :)

Well, hop back into Kiki and we'll travel on down the road.

Happy trails,
Shelia ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Loving Ohio

Today was June 21, 2014, and my little mother's birthday. This was her first birthday in heaven. Happy Birthday, mother. 
 There are some very nice rest stops along the roads and this one in Ohio was no exception.
 Chloe Dawn loves to get out and stretch her little legs (which look nekked since she was shaved).
We arrived in Centerburg, Ohio, and were amazed to see this about a confederate soldier. A nice man walked up to us and gave us an oral history of the time. Folks are just so nice everywhere you go.
 Back on the road and enjoying the beauty of the countryside.
We arrived at the RV campsite we'd stay in for the night. Meadow Lake Park in Streetsboro, Ohio.
 This was another lovely park and beautifully kept too.
After Kiki was set up, we ordered some pizza. We found out at the office a local pizza place would deliver pizza and it was just delicious!
Again, the weather was just beautiful. Perfectly cool and comfy outside. We slept with our window open and cozied up under quilts! I love that!
 Here's a fulltimer with their site all set up. Isn't it cute?
This was a park we would stay at again if the occasion came up. We paid $31 for the night. Pizza and sleeping with the windows open was so nice!

We'll be heading for New York so if you want to come along this trip will be continued...

Happy trails,
Shelia :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

RVing in Indiana

Another day, another state!  We found a lovely park in North Bend, Ohio called Indian Springs Campground and it was just wonderful!
 Kiki is usually one of the smaller RVs in the camps but she doesn't mind because she can do everything the big rigs can do! :)
This was our view out of the back windows! The weather was just perfect too. Just right - not too hot not too cold.
 Ducks and geese? I'm too good on identifying these birds. Now Roosters I know! ;)
 Chloe Dawn was fascinated with our furry friends but didn't want to get too close. She's a big scaredy cat.
Just a gorgeous spot. The ducks have it made!
 The views!
 What a nice play area for the little ones.
Some folks must keep there RVs parked here year round as some were underpinned, decorated with poured decks and lots of decorations. 

This was a wonderful park and we paid $38 a night. We would certainly come back here.

This trip is to be continued...

Happy trails,