Saturday, December 21, 2013

Let's Look At Christmas Lights

Do you love to drive around and look at Christmas lights? Well, we sure do and one place we love to go see is the River Oaks area of Houston. Kiki was raring to go so we grabbed a couple of bottles of water and off we went!
 Everything was so beautiful and Kiki was getting a lot of attention too!
We had a lady pull up beside us and ask what kind of vehicle Kiki was and she wanted one!
 George posing.
 This is River Oaks Boulevard and on the left is the River Oaks Country Club.
 Thousands of lights.
 These trees were as tall as the huge two story homes behind them.
There was so many beautiful homes with lights and I just finally put down my camera and sat back and relaxed in Kiki and felt like a kid again.

Til next time,
Shelia :)


  1. Loved catching up on Kiki Adventures! These lights are beautiful. I love that little Camp went camping already in Kiki? I know this Christmas is sad for you, but Mom is with you wherever life (and Kiki) take you! xo

  2. Gosh we have nothing quite that grand in my little regional city! (Utterly gorgeous!!) But yes we do the drive-about thing to see all the lights, and I must say they get bigger and better each year! Good to see Little Kiki out and about and causing a fuss!! :)

  3. The lights are so pretty, what a fun way to see them and I'm sure Kiki was happy to be there too!

  4. Missed this one earlier. So beautiful. What fun to take Kiki to see lights. I wonder if Miss Daffodil will ever get to see Christmas lights! She may sit in our driveway, all covered with lights, and attract a bit of attention herself! I loved touring with you.

  5. I don't have a car, but I do take the bus and enjoy riding the bus and walking (and, of course, photographing) Christmas lights. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos. Happy New Year and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  6. I love, LOVE looking at Christmas lights. I go every year and drive around one night. One night Joe and I go out to the Herr's potato chip factory where they, too have thousands of lights. It is all free, you drive through their campus and can go around as many times as you want. It is beautiful. Then we also go to Longwood Gardens. We are lucky to be close to these 2 locations.


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