Thursday, August 15, 2013

Heading To San Angelo

First of all I have to ask you to ignore the watermarks on these snaps. This is the watermark for my other blog, Note Songs. I don't know what I was thinking when I edited these snaps...I guess I wasn't thinking. Well, I'm just talented like this at times! :)

 We decided we would take Kiki and head out for San Angelo, Texas, which is hubby's hometown.
 We found many very nice road side stops and believe me we visited a few of them.
Do you remember when these where just a couple of picnic tables and scary bathrooms?
They have come a long way and I'm so glad.
 We decided to bring Chloe Dawn with us. She has only spent one night in Kiki and we wanted her to get used to traveling with us. She's 13 and gets scared very easily. So half way to San Angelo I was sitting in the back with her, holding her and talking to her. She was shaking all over. Poor baby.
 She was so glad to be able to get out of Kiki and walk around a bit. 
See that little smile of hers..
 I'm happy to say she did just fine and calmed down. So she'll be going with us more.

 Lovely sights along the way but this is Texas and honey it was HOT!
We found a campground on Lake Nasworthy called Spring Creek Marina and RV Park.
It was nice and lots of campers were there but it was HOT!
 As I said, my hubby was born and raised here and he told me stories of how he used to water ski on this lake. You can't do that now, just boats were going by very slowly.
 There's our little spot under the mesquite trees. Did I tell you it was HOT?
 I don't do well in the HOT weather so while hubby hooked up Kiki, Chloe Dawn and I took a little walk around the RV park.
 Chloe Dawn was looking for monsters. She was sure one was in those bushes.
 The water was calm and very pretty but it was HOT!

 We grilled out hamburgers and I wasn't in a very good mood because it was so HOT. Hubby said, "Let's eat outside on the little picnic table." Well, I was trying so hard to be a good little wifey poo and while putting the fixings on my burger, flies dive bombed me! My eyes, my nose, my mouth, my burger! I said, "No way! There are too many flies out here and it's too HOT!" We took our food inside and about 5 million flies came inside Kiki with us! 
I knew I should have bought that little fly swatter I had seen while out shopping.
Later I did cool off and kept swatting flies all night long.

The next day we drove around San Angelo and revisited the places hubby had lived, drove by his old schools and places he had worked. It was a fun day and very nostalgic for him.
When we got downtown I grabbed Reba (my camera) and started snapping away.
San Angelo is called the Sheep and Wool Capital of the World 
so these marvelous little painted sheep were on almost every corner.

There was one more little leg of this trip and share it with you later.

till next time,
Shelia ;)


  1. I hear you- I don't do hot well either- I am okay if there is a good breeze but just HOT? Unh-unh! Sounds like you did okay anyway and I am glad your "baby" did okay, too- xo Diana

  2. Sounds like a 'fun' trip! I'm glad Chloe Dawn did well, she will like traveling with you. I am not one for the heat or the bugs! Hope it gets cooler soon and you will really enjoy your trips. Love the sheep! WE have Bulldogs all over Athens!


  3. Shelia,
    Oh, dear one, I'm so`o`o sorry that you had a HOT trip.
    Nothing like being miserable...hope that your next trip is much better!
    The RV Park looked so beautiful! The lake was gorgeous!!!
    I'm not a good traveler, either.
    We have found that we do better to just go to the condo
    once a year or a Bed & Breakfast occasionaly.
    Hopefully the weather will begin to cool off and the three of you
    will have more enjoyable days in Kiki ahead!!!

  4. I love the photo of hubby and Cloe Dawn. She is so adorable. Kane is 13 now, too.

  5. What gorgeous pictures! But I'm with you, dear friend, I do not like it HOT! Glad Chloe Dawn calmed down and began to enjoy being in Kiki for a fun trip with Mom and Dad. Aren't those sheep figures colorful?! I like them, thanks for taking pictures of the various styles.

    Hugs ~ Mary

  6. Hi Shelia *hugs*
    Well it sounds like you had a good trip but oh I don't think I'd like too much heat and definitely not the flies! They are so darn troublesome and annoying.

    You must have taken a lot of pictures...thats what I love doing on roadtrips.

    Thats great the Chloe Dawn is good with the RV now and you'll be able to take her along with you more often.

    Have a wonderful evening

  7. I can't do hot either Sheila, especially since I've gotten older. Love Chloe's just new to her soon she will expect to go with you:)

  8. I love all the painted sheep around the town. You'll have to come to Canada for a vacation in September where it's COOL. :) A lot of Americans come here in September and October for the cooler temperatures and the fall leaf peeping. Head northeast through Maine and you will be in New Brunswick. :) Just kidding. But, I think you'd enjoy it here. Hugs. Pam


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