Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Little Overnight Stay in the Woods!

Another week, another little trip.
It's great being retired as we can just take a trip in little Kiki whenever we feel like it.
Well, we felt like it but didn't know where we wanted to go so we just headed out.
Kiki took her first trip on the Galveston - Boliver ferry across the Gulf of Mexico to Crystal Beach.

 I took this opportunity to climb up the stairs of the ferry and snap Kiki. 
Ain't she purdy?
 One more snap of Kiki.
Before we drove onto the ferry we were asked if our propane was turned off. 
This was news to us and sure enough it was on.
 So we know now to make sure that it is turned off when we're not using it. 
We continue to learn.
 When on the other side we drove from Crystal Beach to Zavalla, Texas and ended up in the Angelina National Forest near Lufkin, Texas, which we had never heard of before.
 Oh, but it was so beautiful. Gorgeous woods thick with green trees. 
That's usually the way woods roll, isn't it?! :)
We checked a couple of RV campgrounds but they were all filled up and someone said to go here.
 So across the street and down a little road we found this beautiful place and it was on the banks of Lake Sam Rayburn which would be a great place for fishermen because we learned there are some  large mouthed bass swimming around in there just waiting for a juicy worm.
 So we checked in and paid $20 for the night.
 This was our spot ~ number 7. That's a lucky enough number, right? 
Well, Mr. Precious was hooking up the water (we were told not to drink it ) and plugging up the electricity so I took a little walk snapping away. 
We couldn't hook up to the sewer because it was located in another place.
We were so prepared and had grilled chicken at home to bring with us.
For dinner we had the chicken, salad, buttered bread and water melon.
We were very satisfied and full.

Then it got dark!
 Honey, I'm telling you it was D.A.R.K.! There were only two other campers in this park and it looked like they had been there for some time. When we turned the lights out and climbed into bed, all of the scarey movies I've ever seen, especially the outdoorsie camping kind, all started playing in my head. You know, the ones where the deranged murderer creeps up on the unsuspecting campers and does his evils! Oh, Lord have mercy! I was a little bit, well, a lotta bit nervous while Mr. Precious was just snoring away.  Finally I fell off to sleep.
The morning couldn't come any too soon for me and it was beautiful and sunshiny again. 
Would we come back? Um, no. Just felt too eery to me. It was the most primitive campgrounds that we've been to. I know having electricity and water sounds just fine and not very primitive but I guess being in the middle of nowhere is just too spooky for me. I told you we're new at this camping business. 

We did continue on another night in Kiki and I'll tell you about that in another post.

Keep the lights on,
Shelia ;)


  1. Oh Shelia, you are having fun. I have to admit that when I go camping I like hot and cold running water, electricity and flush toilets, so I'm not very adventurous. I do like to get out and about to see some of the country though, it's fun.
    Keep on rolling and having fun.


  2. I don't like it too dark either. And I like a few neighbors. Not all tunnels and/or bridges require your propane to be turned off. Usually there is a sign before you enter that alerts you with a pull off. It feels like it's been ages since we took the Little Guy out.

  3. In the middle of the night when I was up, I noticed you had this new blog. I knew about Kiki and saw you posted about it on your other blog though. A very cute post and wonderful new blog Shelia!! I'll be back.

  4. What an adventure! We have camped in places that we don't plan to go again. I'm glad you're enjoying the chance to get out into 'the wilds'. We never drink the water from the our fresh water connection! I always carry bottled drinking water and only use the water from the faucet for washing dishes and me! My sister-in-law was the one who told me that 'trick'. Of course your camper and hoses and tanks are all new so you know what's been in them before. Hope you have a happy(er) experience next time.

  5. Yeah-That would have creeped me out a bit, too. You will find your middle ground where you are comfortable as you go along. xo Diana

  6. Oh I'm so enjoying this adventure of being novice RVer's with you Shelia! -chuckle- so no more 'middle of nowhere' or 'in the woods' for you huh? I would love to take you to outback Oz RVing! Now that would be something for you!
    I loved this little trip, keep 'em coming dear girl!

  7. You'll get used to the peace and quiet and dark. It just takes a little time. SO I guess you don't want me to bang loudly on your van in the middle of the night?? xo

  8. I would have been a little nervous too, but more so in one of those tents!! For real!!! Glad you brought your dinner with you, that was smart. xo

  9. It looks pretty there, but the dark night might make me a little scared also! I am enjoying the trips in little Kiki!

  10. Shelia,
    I know exactly what you mean about being afraid, dear one.
    When we first went camper trailer camping off our own lake lot,
    I had those same eeire feelings!!!
    Here's a little tip. . .
    I left a night light plugged in the kitchen
    and put soft Classical piano music on the stereo.
    Before long, I was sound alsleep, too!
    Trust your instincts!


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