Saturday, August 17, 2013

Texas Hill Country

I thought I'd share another little trip in Kiki with you. 
Now Texas is a very big state and we keep exploring campgrounds.
In my last post we had traveled to San Angelo and this was the last leg of that trip.
 If you're familiar with the Texas Hill Country, you know how pretty it can be.
We decided to take Kiki to Kerrville and found this nice park ~ the Guadalupe River RV Resort.
We stayed two nights and with our Good Sam's discount it cost around $35 a night with electricity, water, sewer, wifi and cable.
 There goes Mr. Precious walking into the entrance.
Again, it was HOT here!
 This was a very nice campground. So clean and all kinds on amenities.

 There were two swimming pools, a hot tub, little store, club house and laundry facilities.
This was the first time I had ever used the laundry at a campground and it was quite fun.
Doesn't take much to humor me. Well, I didn't bring any laundry detergent but the store sold little 'one load' boxes and dryer sheets for .99 a box.  It cost $1.25 to wash and $1.25 to dry. I'm thinking I should start saving my little quarters to take along on our trips.

 Our spot was #34 underneath the oak trees. While Mr. Precious is setting up, let me take you on a little tour. It is my job after all to snap pictures. :)

 There were nice furnished cabins you could rent and a lovely little playground
 Down the hill from our spot were wonderful walking trails and little pieces of the Guadalupe River.
This is the upper river and it's smaller and swampier looking.
 This snap was pretty but really dirty looking so I enhanced the colors for you.
 Little squirrels were everywhere.
 Chloe Dawn, she's fuzzy here because she wouldn't stand still, loved taking walks down by the river exploring. She is a city girl, after all! :)
I have to tell you, the one time I didn't take my camera with me I saw a herd of deer!
Honey, I'm telling you! There was a buck with antlers at least two feet high and mamas and babies!
They saw me coming and they froze with their tall necks in the air. Then they started to run off to cross the river. As they ran single file, I counted 20! I couldn't believe it and I'm still kicking myself for not taking my camera! You live and learn.

Well, looks like Mr. Precious has us all set up.
 We just bought these little lawn chairs at WalMart and were so excited to get to use them.
 So excited, we forgot to cut the tags off! ;)
We did sit out in the mornings under the trees and watch the squirrels and it was quite nice.
 Another first for me! I had never used the gas burners in Kiki's kitchen before and this time I bit the bullet and cooked away. I tried to cook as much as I could and see what all I could do.
There is no oven but we have a microwave to heat stuff up in. As you can see, this was breakfast and I was frying up those little link sausages again. They just taste so good in the mornings. We don't do this at home so it's a treat to us. I scrambled eggs. I brought a pan big enough so I could boil some corn. It's so good right now. I did some preparing at home. I shucked and broke the ears in half and put them in zip lock bags so I would just have to toss them in the water to boil. I washed and cut up lettuce and put it in a zip lock too. I had heard about the germs with the precut lettuce in bags.
The only thing I'm missing is lots of ice. I drink tea or Dr. Pepper all day and I love ice.
 It's almost dark and Mr. Precious walked outside and took a few snaps. That's the window over the kitchen area and the pink is me!
 He caught me doing the dishes. See I'm putting down the little sink cover as this becomes our storage spot at night for our bathroom things - toothpaste and toothbrushes, glasses, soaps and lotions.
I'm talking small here.
Oh, I wanted to tell you something we will never do again. As you know, Kiki is 'our wheels'. If we need to leave the camp we have to unhook everything and drive where ever. Well, I had cooked as I told you and we were running out of the real food. Mr. Precious had seen a busy little restaurant across the highway from the campground and said we could just cross the highway, Interstate 10.
We got out there and cars were whizzing by at 70 to 80 miles an hour. Mr. Precious is a runner but I can't run! I have arthritis in my knees. So we make it to the turn lane and cars are whizzing by us now on both sides! You talk about scary. I was praying my tiny head off for God to protect us. He did, we ate, it was good and we crossed the interstate to get back to the RV campgrounds. No, no Nannette! Never again will we cross an interstate!
 The next morning after her walk, Chloe Dawn was raring to go ahead. She hopped up in her little seat and was waiting anxiously. What a little doll.
Well, bye bye to Kerrville and yes, we loved this park, recommend it and would come back. Next time I'd bring a bathing suit and my own laundry detergent and would take my camera with me at all times! :)

Til next time,
Shelia ;)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Heading To San Angelo

First of all I have to ask you to ignore the watermarks on these snaps. This is the watermark for my other blog, Note Songs. I don't know what I was thinking when I edited these snaps...I guess I wasn't thinking. Well, I'm just talented like this at times! :)

 We decided we would take Kiki and head out for San Angelo, Texas, which is hubby's hometown.
 We found many very nice road side stops and believe me we visited a few of them.
Do you remember when these where just a couple of picnic tables and scary bathrooms?
They have come a long way and I'm so glad.
 We decided to bring Chloe Dawn with us. She has only spent one night in Kiki and we wanted her to get used to traveling with us. She's 13 and gets scared very easily. So half way to San Angelo I was sitting in the back with her, holding her and talking to her. She was shaking all over. Poor baby.
 She was so glad to be able to get out of Kiki and walk around a bit. 
See that little smile of hers..
 I'm happy to say she did just fine and calmed down. So she'll be going with us more.

 Lovely sights along the way but this is Texas and honey it was HOT!
We found a campground on Lake Nasworthy called Spring Creek Marina and RV Park.
It was nice and lots of campers were there but it was HOT!
 As I said, my hubby was born and raised here and he told me stories of how he used to water ski on this lake. You can't do that now, just boats were going by very slowly.
 There's our little spot under the mesquite trees. Did I tell you it was HOT?
 I don't do well in the HOT weather so while hubby hooked up Kiki, Chloe Dawn and I took a little walk around the RV park.
 Chloe Dawn was looking for monsters. She was sure one was in those bushes.
 The water was calm and very pretty but it was HOT!

 We grilled out hamburgers and I wasn't in a very good mood because it was so HOT. Hubby said, "Let's eat outside on the little picnic table." Well, I was trying so hard to be a good little wifey poo and while putting the fixings on my burger, flies dive bombed me! My eyes, my nose, my mouth, my burger! I said, "No way! There are too many flies out here and it's too HOT!" We took our food inside and about 5 million flies came inside Kiki with us! 
I knew I should have bought that little fly swatter I had seen while out shopping.
Later I did cool off and kept swatting flies all night long.

The next day we drove around San Angelo and revisited the places hubby had lived, drove by his old schools and places he had worked. It was a fun day and very nostalgic for him.
When we got downtown I grabbed Reba (my camera) and started snapping away.
San Angelo is called the Sheep and Wool Capital of the World 
so these marvelous little painted sheep were on almost every corner.

There was one more little leg of this trip and share it with you later.

till next time,
Shelia ;)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Heading to Louisiana

Hi, y'all!
Mr. Precious and I decided to hop in Kiki and head out toward Louisiana!

 Lots of pretty trees and wooded areas to look at on our way.

 Almost there. Oh look up at the sky!
I fiddled with this snap a bit! ;)
It was time for lunch so we decided to take a little break and I made us a ham and cheese sandwich. 
So convenient and I just love this!

Then I did some searching on the IPad and found this place with great reviews.

Tall Pines RV Park in Shreveport, Louisiana.
This was a lovely park and the folks were so nice and helpful and even told us a great place to go 
and have delicious catfish - Sam's Southern Eatery.
Some of the best catfish I've ever had. I ordered the child's plate and couldn't eat it all!
 Okay, it was time to go find our RV space.

 The park was very well maintained.

Here we are. Each site had a sweet little table and chairs and we ate our breakfast out there.
Actually the weather was quite a bit cooler than Galveston and I loved that.
So while Mr. Precious gets Kiki all set up I'll take you on a little tour.

 Here are our little tour guides ~ the resident kitties.
Aren't they the cutest little things.
 Yikes! You don't have to tell me twice to keep away from Louisiana alligators.

A large and very clean swimming pool. in the paranormal folks.
 Cute little cabins.
 This was just the cutest little doggy pooping park but we left Chloe Dawn at her kennels. 
I'm sure she would have enjoyed it and left her mark. 
Don't you love the firefighters theme?
 We only stayed one night at Tall Pines but it was very nice, clean 
and just had an overall great feel to the entire place and we would come back. 
 Well, after we stake out all of the other RV parks we can find
I'm happy to report we had no RV disasters either.
 I just had to snap for you in the cute and very clean bathroom. 
They even had a full length mirror for me!

 Until next time!

Shelia :)