Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We Couldn't Wait

 As I told you earlier, we are complete newbies about this RVing stuff.
But we couldn't wait and poked some stuff in Kiki and off we went.
Well, not very far...just up the road to the Galveston Island State Park.
It's not a pretty park or anything but we didn't care.
Experience, people. We need experience and this was how to do it and be very close to home.

 Here is Kiki in spot number 60 with her canopy out.
Yep, that's right ~ it's crooked!
Like I said, we're learning as we go.
 The park is on both sides of the highway.
One area is on the beach side and it was completely full with 4th of Julyers 
and the other area is on the bay side.
We were even lucking to get a spot but we could only stay one night.
We stayed on the bay side and you can see it's marshy and weedy.
 There's some really nice beach homes over there.
 Got Kiki all set up and Mr. Precious was going to grill us up some butterfly pork chops.
He came running back to Kiki and asked me for some tin foil to drape over the chops.
He said a couple of sea gulls were eyeballing those chops and were getting ready to swoop on down and take them for themselves.
Little stinkers!
While the chops were cooking and under protection, Mr. Precious decided to take Chloe Dawn for a tiny little walk around the park. 
Of course she just loved being out in nature.
She was afraid of those sea gulls and they were almost as big as she is.
I see someone else has a crooked canopy! :)
I didn't want you to think I was just chilling in Kiki while Mr. Precious did all of the work.
Shoot! I had to wash the cherries! :)
Let's eat!

The sunsets were so beautiful.
 This was a fun little adventure for us but I must tell you I did not enjoy my night.
The mattress was as hard as a rock and I woke up as sore as could be.
I'm going to have to get a mattress foam thingy or something to put on it and make it softer.

Well, then came the morning...
 I took Chloe Dawn out for a little walk and snapped a picture of the sun coming up.
Mr. Precious is rather an antsy kinda guy and after we ate our cereal and the rest of the cherries(and I had a honey bun) he was ready to head back the long distance to our home. 
About 15 minutes. :)

 So, this was our first time with Kiki in the 'wild'.
We are excited to go a little further next time.
We were so proud of ourselves as we hooked up to the electricity and water!
We dumped the black water too. We're good! :)
We didn't even burn anything up or short out anything!
 I guess my next thing is to make the bed softer for my most delicate body and then begin to make Kiki more personal. Being that Kiki is new is nice but it's too blah for me so I'm going to fiddle with her a bit.

So I hope you'll come back and join my little adventures with Kiki.

Let the magic begin,
Shelia ;)


  1. Shelia,
    Oh, my goodness, your first adventure in Kiki!!!
    You're going to make a great adventurer, dear friend!!!
    We used the mattress foam that looks like an oversized egg crate on our beds (two twins). Not the best, but made it doable. You might call the place where you bought Kiki and ask if they have an "upgraded mattress package"!!!
    I love that you took Chole Dawn RVing with you!!! We use to take Maurice, too!
    Those smiles in the photos speak volumes!!!
    Next stop??? Destination. . .

  2. Well, it sounds like you had fun. A lot of people go have soft foam cut to replace the cushions cuz they are hard to sleep on. We used to take a twin size down comforter and wrap the mattress with it and then make the bed with the sheets over the comforter. Sleeps softer! xo Diana

  3. Shelia well you fooled me. I thought you might spend your first night in Kiki in your driveway but you drove 15 minutes away! Which was much better I admit! LOL!! You got to experience hooking up, setting up and taking down. I think some like their awnings crooked for rain and shade purposes. Chole Dawn looked like she had a good time also. Oh a hard mattress would not make my delicate little body happy either. What a fun time!

  4. You made it! Your first night as an RV'er! And, my dear friend, awnings are supposed to be a bit crooked! My sweetheart taught me that when I told him he needed to straighten ours a bit. Now maybe rain isn't an issue in your part of the world but he told me you *always* have one corner lower than the other so rain, snow or leaves can roll off. If it rains or snows - snows? (yikes!) the awning will get so full it will sag and collapse! If anyone questions your crooked awning just tell them you are practicing to visit your friend in Oregon where it might rain! Good work, you two. I'm proud of you for your first escapade with Kiki. Now you need to get a little portable grill to put on the end of your picnic table so you can sit and enjoy the aroma of the steaks on the grill!

  5. Good for you! That was a perfect idea to give your Kiki a test run. We have had several RV's and we always did exactly as Adrienne said - tilt one corner down because of the rain.

    Also - be sure to securely anchor that awning down before you drive off. We didn't hook it down properly one time and I looked out the rear view mirror and our awning had completely opened as we were driving down the road. We almost sheered it off the camper on a light pole.

  6. Look at the two of you. This is the beginning of great adventures.

  7. We have had many different kinds of RVs over the last 39 years. Just within the last two years we traded in our 34 ft 5th wheel travel trailer for a class B, a Pleasure Way which is similar to your ERA. We love our "Little Guy" because we can drive and park it just about anywhere. We added a layer of foam to our couch wrapped in a mattress pad for extra comfort and use bed sacks that are similar to sleeping bags with removable sheets and zippers. You will love RVing. It's a wonderful way to travel. We added travel and RV apps to our iPhones and for the first time in 39 years we can leave the huge Trailer Life Campground Guide home. I can look up campgrounds as we drive down the road, see their Good Saw rating and make a reservation.

  8. A fun new short trip out here - hope you've gotten the mattress situation improved, I know you will love your RVing if you're comfortable sleeping. As I once told my doctor, "Sleep is where it's at" (I only realized that when I got ... er, um, older?!). Ha!

    Hugs ~ Mary


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