Sunday, July 28, 2013

Making the Bed and a Little RV Tour

Hi y'all! 
Remember how I told you how uncomfortable the bed was in Kiki?
Hard as a rock, yes siree! Well, we decided to work on it.
Below is how it looks today.

It didn't always look like this.
 We thought we were so smart and decided to take out the rectangular piece and make twin beds.
We bought memory foam for comfort and I cut it to fit the area.  Bought 5, yes 5 fitted sheets. 2 for the bottom mattresses, 2 for the cover sheets and 1 for that top part. Got all of these goods home and I thought ~ this is just stupid, let's just get a mattress!
 So the next step was to take out all of the mattresses and measure the triangular piece 
and get some finished plywood cut to fit. 
The finished plywood has a smooth service so it wouldn't pick the mattress.
 Voila! The plywood fit perfectly. Bought a pillow top 'full' sized mattress and we were good to go!
Now this area will hold a queen size but since you can't walk around the bed I thought it would be easier to get the full size and then we'd have a little area on each side of the bed so we could put our glasses there or a book at night. Kinda like little skinny night stands. 
Just perfect. I do amaze myself sometimes! :)
Here is the bed with the back shade drawn. As you can see there is no headboard area just windows and a shade. You can see the plywood across the bottom there.
We'll sleep like babies I just know we will!
There's been wonderful homes tours this past week in blogland 
so I though I would give you a little tour of our little RV, Kiki.
Oh, I'm a shortie so that is my little step stool so I can climb up into the bed at night. 
Perfect little spot to put it too! 
The door to the left is a little closet
and the two handles on the doors at the right open up for the little bathroom.

 Okay, come on in. This is what you see as you walk in to Kiki from the sliding side door.
This seat makes a twin sized bed if you need it. I just sit on it when I get the chance.
 I brought my yarn and crochet hook so I could start making a baby blanket for my little grandbaby who will enter this world in October.
 Just turn your tiny head to the right and you can see the rest of Kiki.
The little tiny kitchen area on the left.
 I decorated just a little for you. Now the only thing that drives me crazy in Kiki is this stupid TV poked right there on the counter! Who would have done something like this? I'll tell you ~ it must have been a man! ARGH!! Well, I just have to work around it.
 A little lift up of the cover and there are my two little gas burners to warm up stuff or cook a little.
Another little lift up of cover exposes the tiny little round sink. The faucet raises up.
Now if you know me, I gotta have a few Roosters around me to feel at home.
 Here we are looking up toward the cab. That's my chair you can see. When we get settled in a campground, that chair turns around to face the kitchen. Mr. Precious sits there mostly so he can watch the TV! I told you a man put that stupid TV there!
 This view shows you how small Kiki really is. 
But she's so much fun and we are just loving her!
Now there you have my little Kiki tour. This is what I see as I'm perched up on my little stool about ready to jump into bed. 

Hope you've enjoyed my little tour of Kiki. 
I still have more decorating ideas that I want to do to her. 
I keep telling myself ~ in time, Shelia, in time.
I'll share with you next time where we went.

Thanks for popping in,
Shelia ;)


  1. It is so cute and I am sure you are having a ball. Great fun. Hugs, Marty

  2. I would say Kiki is just perfect for the two of you.

  3. You've really made your little (big) RV feel like a home! I would love to travel this way. I'm looking forward to following you on some of your trips!


  4. Very very clever of you both over the bed Shelia! 10 points for that. And I knew you'd do some delightful decorating to make you feel at home, but I would love a tutorial on HOW to make the bed so perfectly! Do you use a big stick to smooth the covers out?? This was my biggest challenge when RVing - how to make the cab-over-bed!!!(without twisting and pulling a muscle that is!)

  5. Kiki is looking good! Love the bed and it's just what I would have done!

  6. Loved the little tour and getting to see a glimpse of how Kiki is all laid out. The mattress looks comfy.

    Ok, the tv there is incredibly stupid. I would hate that. It would have made more sense to put it on a swing down mount from the ceiling.

  7. Shelia,
    Good for you. . .a real mattress!!!
    You should sleep much better now, dear friend!!!
    Love the comment concerning the TV!!!
    Thanks for the RV Tour, dear one!!!
    I did so enJOY myself!!!

  8. Hope you have lots and lots of fun with Kiki, and I know you will. She's a beaut!

  9. I LOVE it! I'm so glad you found a way to make the bed work for both of you. Your decorating touch is so sweet and Kiki looks fantastic! Can't wait to see more.

  10. I love it! I enjoyed seeing every detail. How exciting to be expecting another grandbaby! I signed on to follow you here.

  11. Hi Shelia, your little kiki is so cute and so much fun. Both of you are very innovative and creative, the bed definitely look nice and comfortable. thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure.

    Have a lovely week ahead,regards.

  12. Shelia dear, I had to return! I nearly choked with hilarity at your description of RV Bed Making! Definitely lock the door before you start!
    A friend of mine with a similar bed setup to yours but in a caravan makes their bed as you described, but I have two other RV friends who finish off with a broom handle, and the other a length of poly pipe!! And, their Mr. Precious's are NOT allowed to have siestas in the made up bed, unless they are prepared to use the "smoothing tool" afterwards!!! :)))))

  13. Got to have a comfortable bed in the Class Bs! I started out putting the couch down and up every day but realized I was more comfortable sitting on it as a bed day and night. So now it's a permanent bed. Hubby sits up front in the seat that turns. He's not a TV watcher so he reads, plays with his iPhone or computer while I sit on the bed crocheting, reading or watching TV. Our TV is is the back but it can swing out if viewing from the front seat. Each trip we review our storage and set up to see what is working and what isn't. We just started riding our bikes again and ordered a bike rack that will fit on our Class B Pleasure Way, our car or our truck. Did you know there is a Class B Social Group? We've gone to two of the annual rallies and have had great fun meeting other Class B like minded RVers. I've blogged about our RVing too.

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  15. Now I wish I had a little RV like that! It looks perfect for road trips :)


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