Sunday, July 28, 2013

Making the Bed and a Little RV Tour

Hi y'all! 
Remember how I told you how uncomfortable the bed was in Kiki?
Hard as a rock, yes siree! Well, we decided to work on it.
Below is how it looks today.

It didn't always look like this.
 We thought we were so smart and decided to take out the rectangular piece and make twin beds.
We bought memory foam for comfort and I cut it to fit the area.  Bought 5, yes 5 fitted sheets. 2 for the bottom mattresses, 2 for the cover sheets and 1 for that top part. Got all of these goods home and I thought ~ this is just stupid, let's just get a mattress!
 So the next step was to take out all of the mattresses and measure the triangular piece 
and get some finished plywood cut to fit. 
The finished plywood has a smooth service so it wouldn't pick the mattress.
 Voila! The plywood fit perfectly. Bought a pillow top 'full' sized mattress and we were good to go!
Now this area will hold a queen size but since you can't walk around the bed I thought it would be easier to get the full size and then we'd have a little area on each side of the bed so we could put our glasses there or a book at night. Kinda like little skinny night stands. 
Just perfect. I do amaze myself sometimes! :)
Here is the bed with the back shade drawn. As you can see there is no headboard area just windows and a shade. You can see the plywood across the bottom there.
We'll sleep like babies I just know we will!
There's been wonderful homes tours this past week in blogland 
so I though I would give you a little tour of our little RV, Kiki.
Oh, I'm a shortie so that is my little step stool so I can climb up into the bed at night. 
Perfect little spot to put it too! 
The door to the left is a little closet
and the two handles on the doors at the right open up for the little bathroom.

 Okay, come on in. This is what you see as you walk in to Kiki from the sliding side door.
This seat makes a twin sized bed if you need it. I just sit on it when I get the chance.
 I brought my yarn and crochet hook so I could start making a baby blanket for my little grandbaby who will enter this world in October.
 Just turn your tiny head to the right and you can see the rest of Kiki.
The little tiny kitchen area on the left.
 I decorated just a little for you. Now the only thing that drives me crazy in Kiki is this stupid TV poked right there on the counter! Who would have done something like this? I'll tell you ~ it must have been a man! ARGH!! Well, I just have to work around it.
 A little lift up of the cover and there are my two little gas burners to warm up stuff or cook a little.
Another little lift up of cover exposes the tiny little round sink. The faucet raises up.
Now if you know me, I gotta have a few Roosters around me to feel at home.
 Here we are looking up toward the cab. That's my chair you can see. When we get settled in a campground, that chair turns around to face the kitchen. Mr. Precious sits there mostly so he can watch the TV! I told you a man put that stupid TV there!
 This view shows you how small Kiki really is. 
But she's so much fun and we are just loving her!
Now there you have my little Kiki tour. This is what I see as I'm perched up on my little stool about ready to jump into bed. 

Hope you've enjoyed my little tour of Kiki. 
I still have more decorating ideas that I want to do to her. 
I keep telling myself ~ in time, Shelia, in time.
I'll share with you next time where we went.

Thanks for popping in,
Shelia ;)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Night in New Braunfels

Hi y'all! Well, I wanted to continue with our little trip and share it with you.
 After one night in Austin we decided to travel on down the road to New Braunfels.

 I had to take this snap as Kiki looked great with the Starbucks sign in the background! :)
Almost looks like Kiki is a moving billboard for Starbucks. 

 It was around noon time and we needed some nourishment and this little place looked great!
Centerpoint Station is in San Marcos near the Tangier outlet mall and right off of I-35 (exit 200, to be exact).
 It was just filled with olden cuteness. Don't you love this stuff?
 Mr. Precious and I shared a cheeseburger and a basket with onion rings and french fries.
The grease was having a ball flowing through our arteries! 
We don't eat like this often but when we do it's yummy! Really was good food.
Lunch was over and we were off to find a RV camping site.

We were rolling down interstate 35 and Mr. Precious saw this in New Braunfels:
 River Ranch Resort under the bridge of interstate 35!
 Here sits Kiki ready to be hooked up. The neat thing about the spot where we parked ~ we were backed up to the Guadalupe River. Even though it was still Texas hot a little breeze was coming off the river and it was quite pleasant. There were fishermen out there, boats slowing going by, canoers, and a few folks floated by on inner tubes. 

We had some very cute neighbors who came by a few times for a visit and I treated them to some bread slices. Hope it wasn't illegal. 

It really was a pretty spot.

 Look at these roots. Just amazing!
 This was our view from our bed. I'll show you the bed area in Kiki when I get it fixed up.
 Right now I just have a quilt thrown over the sheets and I'm looking for some linens.

 Lord, have mercy! Now you wouldn't have caught me out by that water. I was skeert! :)
I flipped this bottom snap over so you could see it: Cahaba Snake Trap! I've never seen a snake trap before and the little graphic on the far right is a rat. You don't think they poke rats in there to attract the belly crawlers do you? Yuk, I don't even want to think about it.
 Okie, dokie. Now I'm going to tell you a little story. As I've told you we are very new at RVing and we're learning as we go along. When Mr. Precious had Kiki all backed in we were ready to connect the electricity and the black and gray water hose. All was going well and then we smelled something really nasty. Trust me ~ nasty! Mr. Precious lifted up the panel to connect the black and gray waters' hose and OH MY LORD! There was nasty water and items floating around in the tray! 
The stench almost knocked us down. Now honey, this is not the water was from the sink or shower. You know what I mean. Nasty! So I ran and got the water hose and Mr. Precious started washing all of the nasty stuff away. Oh, hallelujah, it was going to be okay. Then Mr. Precious asked me where was this nasty item filled water going? I ran around the back of Kiki and saw it was floating on over and underneath the RV parked next to us! OH MY LORD!
So Mr. Precious ran over and knocked on their door and told the gentleman what had happened and he was so sorry and the gentleman said 'things happen'. Then one of employees of the RV park showed up with bleach and a very long water hose and poured bleach all over the nasty spots and did his magic with the water hose. He said he'd seen worse. I think I'd get another job.
We had forgotten to do something but at the moment I've forgotten what it was.
I'm sure we'll never do that again. :)

Well, even after that we had a nice evening with cheese sandwiches and salt and vinegar chips. 
I was not going to cook after that ordeal.
We slept really peacefully and we would come back to this park. 
Again, the employees here were so nice. After all, they could have kicked us out!
Next morning, we packed up and drove on down the road.
We just had to drive to San Antonio and take Kiki to the Alamo! 
Don't you see her smiling!

Till next time...
Shelia ;)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Off to Austin and Making Breakfast

Well, I'm so excited to tell you've we've taken another little short trip in Kiki.
This time we headed to Austin, the capitol of Texas

 You can see Mr. Precious parked illegally for me and I hopped out of Kiki and ran far enough away to snap a picture of our beautiful capitol building in the background! :)
We don't ordinarily break the law but this was important!
We drove Kiki all around downtown Austin and she handled like a charm!
 We didn't have a clue where to go so I got on the IPad and this place popped up.
La Hacienda RV Resort and Cabins.
 As you can see it was all Texasy and UT proud! So cute.
The check in was pretty fast and the folks were nice.
 Here's a peep at some of the parking spots.
 And the little cabins! They were so cute and spread out among the RV spots.
They looked like little shot gun houses. Different sizes and costs.

 This part of Texas has the most beautiful live oak trees.

 Here's where we parked Kiki. I do believe she was the smallest RV or camper there.
Some folks were giving us some strange looks. :) We got everything set up and were excited that we had internet service and cable TV. Well, we're so new to this and didn't realize we needed our own cable to hook up to have the channels. They even had a small RV store but no cables. They should change that, I think. Anyway, a guy gave us a cable someone had left behind but it didn't work. That's probably why they left it! :)  I got signed on the internet and was trying to look at a few blogs and poof! it was gone and I couldn't get connected again. I wasn't happy. 
You know how hard it is to live without the internet. :)
This was a nice park but I don't think we'll ever come back. It had great reviews but summertime in Austin is way toooooooooooooooo hot. Maybe the fall or springtime would be better. 
We had paid for two nights but only stayed one and they don't give your money back if you change your minds. We didn't care though.
Okay, come on in and let me show you what I made for Kiki.
 Am I silly or what? I saw this darling little RV on Pinterest, I think, and copied it, fiddled with it and made it fit Kiki.

It was a Valentine card and I put our names in the hearts and Kiki's name on the RV. I poked it on the metal part that is above the burner. Thought it turned out cute so I wanted to show it to you.

 Now the excitement begins! :)
See this little egg keeper? I had to have it. Got it at Walmart for less than $3. 
I wanted eggs in Kiki and I would make breakfast.
Camping food.
 Got 6 Texas Best eggs. Aren't they so cute?
 Bought some little sausages to cook up and the coffee was ready for Mr. Precious.
 Look at this little electric skillet! It's just 7" and I was so excited to find it thinking it would be just perfect for us and would hold just the right amount of stuff when I wanted to cook something.
As you can see it did a great job holding the sausage links.
 Y'all, I was going to town. Sausages were frying, butter was softening, bread was out, and the paper plates. I know! I bought pretty melamine dishes to use but our little faucet in the kitchen sink has a leak and we have to get it fixed and it was too hard to keep the water dried up. I had to wash the dishes in the tiny bathroom sink and somehow that just didn't seem right to me. 
So...paper plates it was.
 Here I'm making 'dirty' scrambled eggs because the darling little electric skillet made the sausages stick and I was having too much trouble getting the 'cooked on' off so I just tossed the beaten eggs into the skillet anyway. So, dirty eggs. But, hey! 
They did taste yummy with some sausage grease on them.
 Breakfast is served ~ sausage links, buttered bread, dirty eggs on paper plates with cute cheap inexpensive forks. Camping food.
Well, you live and learn. Look at that skillet after I scrambled the eggs! 
Nasty! I tell you plumb nasty! 
I didn't use the gas burners but the next time I cook in Kiki I will! I'll just poke in a fry pan and sauce pan from home and go to town. 
Well, even though things weren't as smooth as I would have loved them to be, all in all it was a nice trip. But hot, y'all! Hot Hot Hot!

Don't laugh at me, I'm learning and I do like things to be perfect. 
Don't you? That's not too much to ask, is it? I'm just kidding.
So until the next time.

Keep the magic,
Shelia :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We Couldn't Wait

 As I told you earlier, we are complete newbies about this RVing stuff.
But we couldn't wait and poked some stuff in Kiki and off we went.
Well, not very far...just up the road to the Galveston Island State Park.
It's not a pretty park or anything but we didn't care.
Experience, people. We need experience and this was how to do it and be very close to home.

 Here is Kiki in spot number 60 with her canopy out.
Yep, that's right ~ it's crooked!
Like I said, we're learning as we go.
 The park is on both sides of the highway.
One area is on the beach side and it was completely full with 4th of Julyers 
and the other area is on the bay side.
We were even lucking to get a spot but we could only stay one night.
We stayed on the bay side and you can see it's marshy and weedy.
 There's some really nice beach homes over there.
 Got Kiki all set up and Mr. Precious was going to grill us up some butterfly pork chops.
He came running back to Kiki and asked me for some tin foil to drape over the chops.
He said a couple of sea gulls were eyeballing those chops and were getting ready to swoop on down and take them for themselves.
Little stinkers!
While the chops were cooking and under protection, Mr. Precious decided to take Chloe Dawn for a tiny little walk around the park. 
Of course she just loved being out in nature.
She was afraid of those sea gulls and they were almost as big as she is.
I see someone else has a crooked canopy! :)
I didn't want you to think I was just chilling in Kiki while Mr. Precious did all of the work.
Shoot! I had to wash the cherries! :)
Let's eat!

The sunsets were so beautiful.
 This was a fun little adventure for us but I must tell you I did not enjoy my night.
The mattress was as hard as a rock and I woke up as sore as could be.
I'm going to have to get a mattress foam thingy or something to put on it and make it softer.

Well, then came the morning...
 I took Chloe Dawn out for a little walk and snapped a picture of the sun coming up.
Mr. Precious is rather an antsy kinda guy and after we ate our cereal and the rest of the cherries(and I had a honey bun) he was ready to head back the long distance to our home. 
About 15 minutes. :)

 So, this was our first time with Kiki in the 'wild'.
We are excited to go a little further next time.
We were so proud of ourselves as we hooked up to the electricity and water!
We dumped the black water too. We're good! :)
We didn't even burn anything up or short out anything!
 I guess my next thing is to make the bed softer for my most delicate body and then begin to make Kiki more personal. Being that Kiki is new is nice but it's too blah for me so I'm going to fiddle with her a bit.

So I hope you'll come back and join my little adventures with Kiki.

Let the magic begin,
Shelia ;)